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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Second Catch

So this evening I caught my second baby. From S's view point. Mine is one and a half. L really did all the work, guiding her baby from her body.

I caught MK's little G. the situation under pressure. but my ignorance allowed me not to be afraid. S had fear, i didn't know how much until later. but she had fear as she remained calm, prepared for what was coming, and put me in the position to catch. MK is strong and capable of pushing out babies.

we lost hear tones as MK was beginning to push, 10 min earlier it was a healthy 130 bpm. She was a flexible 5cm. the baby began to bulge. S routinely checked HT with the doppler, as MK laboured on her side on the futon in her living room. gentle music played in the background. The two older boys were in the front room with their aunt. playing and running through the house, every once in awhile checking in on the birth.

I think we were there 20 min before baby was born. I arrived before S and sat with MK through a few surges. Checked her BP and pulse. both healthy. S arrived and I checked HTs with the fetascope.

When I arrived the surges were just beginning to overlap, becoming stronger and regular. I visited MK a few hours earlier to see how she was doing. She was entering early labour and was managing beautifully. I suggested she go for a walk and may be bake a birthday cake for her new baby. I thought the walk would get things really going.

It worked! Three and a half hours later we got the call it was time. As a third time mom, her body responded quickly to the powerful surges. Often when a baby is this low in the pelvis heart tones can be difficult to get. S checked MK and saw the scalp was white. Emergency mode instantly kicked in and she told L to call 911. It wasn't a complete shock to me, I was aware that S wasn't finding HTs, she probably was checking for 2-3min before she made the call. I was already in position to catch. S told MK to get into hands and knees position and that we had to get this baby out.

the ambulance arrived a few minutes after the birth. MK pushed like a warrior. The baby began to crown and within two pushes the head was out. S said to me "get that baby out". I slide my index and middle fingers down the babies neck and scooped the the right shoulder so she slide smoothly out.

The source of the panic was the umbilical cord...all 4ft of it! OK maybe i'm exaggerating. but it was amazing the length of that cord, and with that length had wound itself around the babies abdomen, shoulders and neck...but with that much slack it wasn't compressing any vitals until the surges began to intensify. I quickly unwound the cord and laid her on the bed, S suctioned and little G snorted and cleared her pathways and let out a healthy cry. with a bit of rubbing she began to pink up. we could hear the sirens.

The first responders came in and quickly found for themselves all was fine. The ambulance arrived and 7 young men found themselves in a living room, where a new baby had just entered into this world. One kept remarking how alert and smiley she was! over and over. it was endearing. only three of them were any where near the birth. One taken information, the second checking vitals and the third one, who was so amazed. The rest remained in the back ground surveying everything. confident everything was under control.

5 min apgar 9.

It was all so very exciting.

MK was very grateful to me. I don't feel like I did very much, but she was so appreciative. so kind in her words, encouraging me that I had indeed found my calling.

yeah pretty much the best job possible!

Happy Birthday MK and Little G!!!


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