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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

young mother. we know your secret.

young mother.

body ripe with life.

you move and sway.

your body has been here before. it carries the knowledge of your ancestors.

young mother.

you fight the passage. you fight the progress.

surrounded by your tribe. you take each surge one at a time. wanting escape.

we sit and watch. we know your secret. we know your power. we know you can do it.

young mother.

find your rhythm. find your strength. settle into the recesses of the ancestral knowledge that lies deep within your core. let the surface go. let it all go. open. down. sway. rock. shift that baby lower in your loins. embrace it. we know your secret.

young mother.

you start to believe. the power of your tribe surounds you as your inner strength builds. you find your rhythm. slow dancing between surges, dropping into a squat as the intensity builds.

supported by your partner, your tribe in the corner. it is just the two of you. it has only ever been the two of you.

you close yourself away. physically and metaphorically. you take control and find your power. you believe. you sit and let the baby down. reaching. you let the baby into your hands. you bring your baby to meet the rest of us.

young mother.

we know your secret. you are powerful.

you did it.

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