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Sunday, December 1, 2013

week one or baptism by fire

it's 7:41am on sunday morning. most sane people are sleeping. me? i'm showered, have managed actually washed my hair (yes i do feel this is an accomplishment) and am dressed. i even have time to write before i head out to a postpartum visit.

i enjoy a little high productivity now and then, but i sure wish i was cozy in bed with no thoughts of getting out of it right now. oh well. i get to go snuggle a new baby and check on her momma.

i started monday with a bunch of meetings and being introduced to the new practice i'm with. i was also informed that a birth was likely to happen. day one, go.

this birth was definitely a baptism by fire. i'm not going to go into the details, but i definitely rode the learning curve with this one. it was a planned hospital birth and she did require pitocin and wanted an epidural. these are all very new things to me. new to me in the way that i was the one who remained guiding the birth.

i witness a woman with an epidural get out of bed and walk to the bathroom without much support. FREAKING WALKING EPIDURALS DO EXIST!!!

have to say i was impressed with that one.

this birth was eventful to say the least and i was so honoured be the one to receive this mommas baby after she triumphantly pushed.

births are about the families we serve. there is no question about that. but some experiences grow you in a way that needs to be recognized.
me having a grey's anatomy moment
in the staff change room

this was my first time in this hospital. i hadn't even had a tour. i was wearing scrubs. i was integrating myself into this new environment. this was a long labour. long. like epic. it took work. and in that process i was able to discover this new place in which i was to be an MRP (most responsible provider).

me. the most responsible provider here in a hospital? OK. i can do this. i have no idea where anything is.

nurses. i have the deepest respect for nurses, all that they do and all that they know.

i need them.

so that took the better part of my first three days. i didn't make it back to clinic until thursday.

they had me scheduled to take part in this obstetric training workshop for the hospital. nurses, family practice docs, OBs and midwives. all get the same information, so that everyone is on the same page.

730 saturday morning. who schedules workshops for 730 saturday morning?

it was good. a lot of what i already knew. reinforced some of the fetal surveillance that is new to me (i.e. interpreting EFM strips), but ultimately it was a great way in which to be seen by those working in the hospital.

one of my favourite moments of the day was when one of the residents looked over at me. she looked at my wrist. then whispers: is that a uterus? me: yep. resident: are you a midwife me: yep resident: that's hardcore.

relationship building moment. advice: make friends with residents. you never know when you are going to need them.

so today, this morning going to check on baby. wanting to sleep. this whole thing has been a shock to the system after being away from it for the last 5/6 months. finding a way to catch up on lost sleep. my family i'm staying with think it's great and laugh at the fact that they didn't see me for a few days. the midwife vampire. sleeping during the day, off throughout the night.

but i love it. i wouldn't have it any other way.

baptism by fire.

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